How to watch a movie

  1. Open TVGeek Media Center.
  2. Select Movies for Trending movies or any submenu under Movies.
  3. Browse the list of movies and select a movie to watch.
  4. Wait for system to get list of video links from the video providers.
  5. Select a link to start streaming the movie.

Tip: If the selected link does not work or if it buffers then try to select another link. Links are free to everyone and maybe congested during high traffic hours.

There are links that require pairing such as Open Load.Just follow the instructions from on-screen prompt to pair successfully. Once paired you are good for 4 hours. These links are a hassle to pair but are more reliable since they have less traffic.

Premium Tip: Do want more reliable high quality links? Real-Debrid is an unrestricted downloading service which will alleviate buffering for most Kodi add-ons that serve on-demand content such as movies and TV shows. Real-Debrid is a premium service costing $20 for 6 months.