Why did my license key expired?

If you are receiving a popup message that your Annual License key has expired is because your device is unauthorized to access our system. Within that year, we have supported, maintained and updated your device to keep it streaming smoothly. We know that it is inconvenient but we cannot support lifetime license key. It is an unsustainable business model. The license must be renewed annually or you will not be able to access our system.

Note: Many other sellers without our technology would load the device expecting it to fail within a year and then charge the customer at least 30 dollars service charge to repair it and then failing cycle continues. We are asking a reasonable amount of 9.99 a year. We would update your system routinely with new add-ons, provide system update to the new Kodi 18, sideload new popular apps such as TVZion and more.

We would love your support and a chance to continue to provide you our services.

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